Headshots for an IWK fundraising

I had the privilege to be part of a fundraising the business students from Dalhousie had.

The students paid $10 for a head-shot image and I took the pictures, all the money went to the IWK.

I had pleasure working with these guys.

Here are some of the headshots.

Fashion at the Fisheman’s Cove

I’ve met Megan on a sunny but breezy day at the fisherman’s cove in Eastern Passage.

We scheduled having a ‘fashion like’ portrait photo shoot.

Megan brought a beautiful green dress, bag, hat and more. The accessories added (as you can see) a lot to the pictures.

After about an hour of shooting, while Meg bravely posed without showing how cold it was we called it a day; those are the picture we shot:





Model: Megan J Thompson

Assitant: Maxim Hazankin

Photography tips and tricks

There are so many photography tips and tricks, it really depends on what you are using to take your picture with and what you are taking a picture of, is it a portrait? If so will it be of kids, family and friends, at an event or at a trip?
Since this site is more about portrait photography I will focus on that, I’m working on another site that is dedicated to landscape photography and there I will have some tutorials and tips for taking better landscape photos, hopefully it will be soon and I’ll post a link here 🙂

As I mentioned before, there are some general photography tips you should follow, but remember that rules are meant to be broken, so try and think totally out of the box, for example, try taking the picture not from your subject’s eye level, try doing it from above or from a really low angle. I think that what I’m trying to say is that as always, the best tip is to take as many pictures you can and to try every angle and everything that comes to your mind, this is how you’ll know what works best for you and what doesn’t.

Photography tips and tricks

Using prop will help your subject feel more in ease

One more tip is using props, you wouldn’t believe how a prop will upgrade you picture, it will on one hand give your subject something to “play” with, on the other hand it is very useful for people who are not used to be in front of the camera, this way they will concentrate more on what to do with the prop and it will give them more confidence.
By props I mean glasses, hair bands, flowers, hat, lipstick etc. anything that comes to your mind, even a bubble gum could be a prop. If you are taking a picture that is more than a head and shoulders you can use bigger props like an umbrella, bag, or even a pet…

portrait photography background

The background is important as well.

The background is also important, sometimes we concentrate on our subject and we forget about the background.
Before taking your picture especially when you are shooting outdoor, take a minute and look for an interesting background, something that won’t distract the attention of the viewer from your subject or even make your subject look better. Sometimes it is enough to find a background that has a solid color or pattern.

Portrait Photography Halifax

Ask your subject not to look at the camera.

Usually people that just start taking pictures will ask their subject to look at the camera and smile, but you know better by now 🙂
Ask your subject to look at something and not straight to your camera, when you are doing so don’t forget to leave some space in the direction he is looking at.
When the subject is looking to the camera ask her to to change expressions, not just smiling, make a sad face, a crazy one, maybe even scream, you’ll be amazed by the results you’ll get.

And last one for today; distract your subject, talk to them, make them laugh, ask them questions, anything to make them feel more in ease and forget that you are taking their picture. If they are still stressed, just put your camera aside and have a small conversation, bring it back when you feel that your subject is ready.

That’s it for now,
Now go out and take some pictures! What are you waiting for?
Don’t forget that I’m always here to answer your questions.


(All pictures taken by Isaac Moscovich and should not be used without permission)

How to take better pictures

You really like taking pictures, you just bought or received as a present a very nice camera, or a new cell phone that has a camera in it. It doesn’t matter what you use, it could be a DSLR, a small camera or a new cell phone, what matters the most is the person who holds it and if he knows how to use it.

So the first thing to do would be to read the manual. I know, you are eager to use your camera, to try all the functions and see what it can do, you think that you don’t need to read those instructions, you didn’t even read the new TV manual and it works fine… Trust me, your camera isn’t a TV  or any other electronic device, in order to make the most of it you’ll need to know how it works, and by that I don’t mean to click that button that captures the image 🙂

At the start some of the things you’ll read about won’t mean a lot, it’s OK  when you’ll read it again thing will be clearer, I have my current camera for about a year and a half, and I keep on reading the manual once in a while and discover some things I didn’t before.

Second most important thing is to take a lot of pictures, the more you’ll take the better you’ll get, the nice thing about digital cameras is that you can take a picture, look at it right after you took it and decide if you want to keep it or not, even better – don’t delete the pictures, wait until you’ll be at home and watch them on your monitor, see what you could have done better, learn from your mistakes.

Try to take your camera with you where ever you go, take pictures of everything you find interesting, remember – the more you’ll take the better you’ll get.

Now lets get technical, composition;

If your subject is a person you want to take your shoot at eye level (usually, you can take it otherwise to achieve all kinds of purposes, but usually that’s how you want to do it).

This is how you don't take a picture of a kid (unless you meant it)

This is how you don’t take a picture of a kid (unless you meant it)

So if you take a picture of a kid for example you’ll need to crouch and be at the same eye level.

Eye level.

This is how you suppose to take a picture of a kid.

One more thing that will make your pictures looks better is called the rule of third, to make things simpler it means that each picture you take should be divided to 9 equals parts, see the example below. (more on the rule of thirds here)

So when taking a picture of someone you should place him on one of the vertical lines and the eyes on the upper vertical line.

Notice how the eye is in line with the horizontal line.

Notice how the eye is in line with the horizontal line.

Don’t forget that rules are meant to be broken, so don’t always act like that’s the only way of taking pictures, but it’s a good guideline.

Now go, grab your camera and take pictures, I’ll be happy to see your results at the comments bellow.

Have fun!

(All pictures taken by Isaac Moscovich and should not be used without permission)